Monday, August 27, 2012

Make a boring sketch book into an interesting one!

Okay, so have you ever bought those sketch books that just have a black dull cover? Well, i had bought one for one of my classes and it was just way to boring for me. So, i thought it would be perfect to do a craft post with it :) 

I have to apologize in advance of my horrible pictures. I was shooting these at around 10 pm in the dark by my lamp while i was crafting this. They are not at all fabulous, so i am sorry! :[ I'll make it up to you later! 

Anyways...shall we start? I think yes! 

What you'll need:     



A boring sketch book to start with, and also lots of paint swatches! I picked these up from Walmart.

Magazine clippings. You can cut out pretty much anything. You can also use stickers, tags, buttons..ect. The amount of things you could use for this is endless really. 

Mod Podge! It's almost a must to have this. While you could just use a glue stick, i think mod podge holds nicely and give's it a really nice finish. 

So now, just start clipping away! Once you have everything you want to go on your sketch book cover, just lay everything out in place so you'll know where you want it to sit on the book. 

so here, i have just placed my swatches how i wanted them on the background. 

Just take your mod podge and put it on the back of the swatches or whatever your putting down, it will stick to the surface of the sketch book :) 

 Then, just keep adding little things on top of the swatches. I added words, stickers, paint, and i drew some little doodles on mine :) 

TA-DA! Finished! 
You can really go all out with this project and add lots of cool things. See my huge TOMS sticker? haha. I'm a huge TOMS fan, i have about 5 pairs i think? :] Have any of you re-invented a cover of something? If not, you should try it. It can get messy, but it's a lot of fun! 


  1. I love doing this to journals! It's the best way to get the paper you want (I'm so picky about has to have tiny lines and no huge spaces at the top of the page!) *and* the cover you want. Plus it's fun :)