Thursday, August 30, 2012

Job Seeking

I have been searching and searching for a job for the past two-three months and i have had absolutely ZERO  luck, which is unusual to me because in the past i have gotten jobs so quickly. I have had multiple interviews at places and they all had decided to go with different candidates. This morning i had called a place i had an interview at, which was Urban Outfitters. I was so pumped and excited because i thought, 'finally, i will land this job! I just know it!' Well, turns out they decided to go with other candidates as well. I actually teared up this morning because of that. I was really hoping for that one. :/ I just don't see what i have been doing wrong, if anything. I always put in as much as i can at interviews and every time i leave feeling confident. I really don't want to have to settle for a stubborn food job at a sub shop or something, but i am getting desperate at this point. 

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