Thursday, October 25, 2012

A little something about myself.

So, there is something you might not know about me. So, here it is....I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fanatic! I don't think i seem like someone who would be a huge mega fan, but i am. :D I think Taylor is just such an amazing person, she is so genuine. Anyway, I ordered a huge bonus pack of all kinds of goodies of hers including her new album. Right now she has this contest going on called 'Paint the World Red' after her new album 'RED' and for the contest, you get points if you're playing. The person with the most points in the end gets to meet Taylor! Then other people with high points as well can get some pretty sweet merchandise. You can get points by tweeting and stuff like that. I can get extra points if you guys sign up! I don't even mind if you just want to sign up real fast and just leave it be after that. But, if you guys could help me out, i would super appreciate it!!! 

Here is the link to click to get me some extra points, and to join if your interested!!!
 Click Here!

She also just came out with a new music video for her song 'Begin Again' I wanted to share it today. :) Leave comments and let me know what you think of it, or just of what you think of Taylor in general. 


Thanks for stopping by everyone!! Have a great Thursday!! 


  1. I saw your blog in Lauren's portfolio, since she designed my blog last night. Your blog stood out, and I am glad I stumbled over here. What a great read! I hope we might possible become blogging buddies.


    1. awh Thank You Brandi!!! Feel free to chat with me by email. :] I love making blog friends!

  2. yes. i love me some TSwift!!!!!

    I am a new follower and I am so excited to be here!!

    1. Thanks so much Beth! Sorry i haven't replied to this yet! I have been very absent from my blog.