Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Strange new fruit to me

Alright guys, so i had this strange fruit the other day and i just have to share about it. In one of my classes, this guy was talking about this fruit called a Kiwano, and i had never heard about it before, so the next class we had..he brought me one! ha-ha!! Cracked me up. Anyway... I took it home to see what this fruit was all about.
So, here is a picture of what he handed to me in class...Just Look at it!!! 

So would you not be a little confused or worried to eat this if you had never seen one before? haha.

So when i got home, i wasn't sure how to go about eating this thing, so i just cut it in half, and here is what i got when i cut it!!

I was not expecting green at all!!! This was a total surprise to me when i cut it open. i was expecting...well orange. haha. 

A little information for you: The Kiwano is often referred to as 'The Horned melon' geee...i can't imagine why?! It's very pokey by the way, it hurts if you grab it to hard. 
These melon's are very healthy for you as well, filled with vitamin A & C, as well as fiber.

Another fun fact about this fruit, The fruit appeared in an episode of Friends; "The One Where Ross Dates a Student" -haha! 

So when i opened this melon, i wasn't to sure how to eat it, and then i remembered that your suppose to eat the dug the seeds out like a pumpkin...

Then i just ate the seeds!!! The Kiwano is part of the cucumber family, so it had a very mild flavor. I read that they are good for salads, or you can use the juice to make ice cubes to add color to your water or other drinks! Which is fun. It has a little citrus flavor as well. It's a very cleansing fruit, so it's defiantly a great fruit to add to a diet i would say!

Have any of you tried this fruit before? What did you think of it?! 
Have a great Sunday everyone! This is the first Sunday in awhile that i have had off work, so hopefully i can find a way to enjoy it while i can. 

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