Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ashton | Avant Garde

This past weekend i attended a workshop hosted by Ashley Nacke Photography. We all were given the opportunity to choose between four models. We were able to choose their outfits, style their hair and makeup. We worked with excellent makeup and hair artist! We also got the amazing opportunity to use clothes from Constance Botique! Their clothes are so awesome! Check it out!!! 
The model i worked with was Ashton. She was amazing! This woman just had a baby, and you could never tell in a zillion years!!! Incredible, i know! These are my shots of Ashton that i got! I also have more from the workshop on my facebook photography page JustJess Photography! Check it out!

I hope you Enjoyed these! I know i sure did love taking them!!! I have classes today and then i'm doing another shoot later in the day! Woohoo! Keep updated with me on my photography page! Link is in the above paragraph!

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