Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hey Everyone! I've decided to start doing a 'things i love Thursday' due to seeing Blytheponytailparades doing them every Thursday! It gave me inspiration to start doing my own :] Hopefully i can keep up! 


1. Love these clothes from DropDead Clothing (via tumblr)
2. These floral jeans are super cute! (via Urbanog)
3. This top!! Omg! I love foxes and deer! (via Modcloth)
4. This image is so incredible! I love her work! (via Audrey Simper Photography)
5. I loved this scene in this season's American Horror Story! (via somewhere on tumblr)
6. True Statement! (via tumblr)
7. Love these images! I need to shoot a stylish male so bad! (via Ben Sasso Photography)
8. What's better than kittens and candles?! I want to smell this candle so bad! I need to buy it before it's gone! (via Yankee Candle)
9. I have this candle warmer, and i LOVE it! So Presh! (via Walmart)
10. Gotta love some patterned TOMS shoes! (via TOMS)

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