Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review of GIRLS, the HBO show.

Hello There! So, Sunday was the last episode of Season 2 of GIRLS. Which is a show that plays on HBO. I am totally obsessed with this how. I can relate to it so much, and my friends all love it as well. It's super humorous  and really tells you how life is for woman in their 20's. Which is not always so super. The first season was undoubtedly fantastic. I stayed up till 4am one night watching all of them when i fist discovered the show. I highly recommend the show. I don't know if it's everyone's cup of tea..but most people I've recommended it to love it. It's kind of like Sex and the City, but more relate-able. 

Left to Right; Jessa, Marni, Hannah, Shoshanna. 

Those are all of the characters names in the show! :D 

 All of the girls are so different from each other personality wise, it's so great to see each of them be friends, and be so completely different. They all seem to fit together like a puzzle some how. 

 Hannah is the main character, and you follow her story more than any others. She's a 20-something woman who doesn't know how to be herself, nor live on her own. She's confronted by her parents that they will not pay for her things anymore,and to basically woman up! You see Hannah struggle very much. 

Hannah is an aspiring writer, and she wants to write a book. Everyone things her writing is basically journaling  and well...she just doesn't see it that way. hahhaha. Hannah's humor is hilarious. 
The actress that plays Hannah, Lena Dunham, actually writes and directs the show as well! 

Basically describes each girl in a nutshell. 

Anybody ever like a boy who you weren't sure really liked you back? And you weren't sure if you even wanted to be with him, but didn't want anyone else to have him either? Hmm.... ;) 


The last episode seriously melted my heart. I wanted to cry so badly, but i loved it all at the same time. 
You have got to watch this show to figure out all of these mysteries! 

Have a Great Wednesday!!! I have to go to the Studio today :D

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